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Ohm Namasivaya
Ohm Sri Sai Ram

King Karthaveeryarjuna

King KarthaVeeryarjuna was ruling the country Kegaya with Magishmadhi city as its capital. He was fully surrendered himself to Sri Dhaththathreya ,the incarnation of Sri Vishnu.. Prayed him very sincerely and whole heartedly. Sri Thaththathreya was pleased with his sincere prayer gave him some boons. Due to the boons the king gained extra ordinary and immense powers. He got thousand hands and became a warrior with tremendous power and strength whom no body could win. Apart from these he gained fame, power, strength and unlimited wealth. With these powers he was roaming the world as a great warrior without any fear of defeat.

Once he went to river Narmadha with his wives to play water games and to bath . With his powerful thousand hands he stopped the flow of water in the river, entered the river and started playing in the water with his wives.

Without knowing this, Ravana, the king of Lanka came to the same river noted the flow in the river was very less. So he put a tent on the bank of the river and entered the river had a good bath, sat near his tent, started to perform Shiva Puja.

Karthaveeryarjuna decided to finish his water game after some time and and go back to his palace. So he he removed the blockage of water and allowed the flow in the river. The stopped water flew with great force in the river. This affected Ravana’s Shiva puja, his tent was taken away by the force of flood. Ravana was very furious at the sudden flow of water in the river. He searched for the reason and understood that it was the work of Karthaveeryarjuna. He ran towards Karthaveeryarjuna to hit him. But Karthaveeryarjuna saw Ravana came running to fight with him and smiled within himself. In his presence Ravana looked like a tiny insect. Karthaveeryarjuna lifted him with his fingers without any effort as if he was lifting a tiny creature even before he could start the fight, took him to his capital city Magishmathi and imprisoned him. Ravana had to be in the prison for many years. After some years Karthaveeryarjuna took pity on him and released him from the prison (This happened many years before Sri Rama -Ravana war)

Once Karthaveeryarjuna with some of his soldiers went to the forest for hunting. In the forest they became very tired, hungry and thirsty after running after the animals for a very long time saw a hermitage nearby; went there to get some water to drink. That hermitage belonged to hermit Jamadhakni. At that time he was alone in the hermitage, saw the king and his followers were very tired and hungry. Welcomed them and offered them sumptuous tasty feast with the help of the holy cow Kamadhenu,. The king and his followers had nice food took rest for some time and left for their city. Though they returned to the palace, the king was thinking of the Kamadhenu that she would be of more use to him in the kingdom than it was with the hermit and wondered at her power to provide and fulfill all our desire. Slowly jealous entered into his mind. After a prolonged thought he decided to bring the cow Kamadhenu to his kingdom.. He thought, If he had such an animal in his kingdom, he could provide food for every one and no one would be suffering from the disease of hunger. So he called the best of his soldiers and ordered that the holy cow Kamadhenu should be brought to the palace at any cost without fail and to use force if necessary. Though the king was aware what he intended to do was against Dharma, would have to meet dire consequences; he was very proud that no body could question or win him in fight. With that thought he decided to do such an injustice to the Rishi Jamadhakni. When the soldiers entered the ashram of the hermit only Rishi Jamadhakni was there. His sons were out on some work. So the soldiers took the holy cow Kamadhenu by force against the wish of the hermit to the king’s palace.

The sons of Rishi Jamadhakni returned back to their hermitage after some time and knew what had happened in he hermitage in their absence. Sri Parasurama the youngest of them took all sorts of weapons and ran to the palace to kill Karthaveeryarjuna and bring back the holy cow. Karthaveeryarjuna saw Sri Parasurasma, coming to fight with him. He knew Sri Parasursama was expert in using the weapons. He gathered his complete forces and stood before of Sri Parasursama. He took various kinds of weapons in all his thousand hands and fought with Sri Parasurama. Sri Parasurama stood single on the war field fought and killed thousands of the king’s soldiers.. Thee sons of Karthaveeryarjuna and the balance soldiers retreated and ran back for lives. Karthaveeryarjuna was isolated. He was alone in the war front facing Sri Parasurama. He understood using weapons against Sri Parasurama would be of no use. So he started playing trick. He plucked big trees, lifted mounts and threw at Sri Parasurama. But Sri Parasurama cut off all his thousand hands and cut off his huge head. Karthaveeryarjuna fell dead. By the time the people of Kegaya kingdom were shivering in fear as what was going to happen to them and how to escape the anger of Sri Parasurama. The sons of Karthaveeryarjuna and the people came running and handed over the holy cow Kamadhenu to Sri Parasuama and begged his pardon. Sri Parasuama pardoned them, gave them back their kingdom and left to his father’s hermitage with the holy cow.

When Sri Parasurama reached the hermitage with the holy cow his father condemned him for killing the king though what the king had done was not just. scolded him that as a Brahmin he should not have showed parience instead of killing the king

At the Kegaya kingdom the eldest son of Karthaveeryarjuna crowned himself as king absolutely because of the mercy shown by Sri Parasurama. Once crowned as king, he became very proud and head weight and decided to take revenge for his father’s death. He again marched towards the hermitage with his soldiers. At that time also the sons of Sage Jamadhakni were not in the hermitage and The sons of Karthaveeryarjuna cut off the head of the sage in the presence of his wife Renuka even while she was begging them not to kill her husband.


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what happened next? did purusurama taken revenge on the Karthaveeryarjuna sons.....please post the remaining topic

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Jamadgni was restored to life by the powers of Parasurama. As Renuka, the mother of Parasurama, was beating her breast twenty one times, the Brahmin - Warrior vowed that he would destroy twenty one generations of Kshatriyas.
The very birth of Parasurama was to curtail the arrogance of Kings who had taken to daunting Brahmins. Mother Earth had preyed to Narayana who promised that he will take birth and address this adharma. Thus he was born in the Briguvamsa to Sage Jamadagni.
In another version, Dhattatreya himself, on pleas by Brahmins, was reborn as he could not himself slay one to whom he had given boons.
Source: Wikipedia & Narayaneeyam Lectures by Damodara Dikshidhar in Sankara TV 06:30 Hrs Daily.

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If karthaveeryarjuna was a bad king ,why there is a slokam saying.sri Karthaveeryarjunaya namaha?
Is this some one else?
Even for lost things recovery the slokam is Karthaveeryarjuno namaha. why?